Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common medical condition and is caused by a problem with the drainage, evaporation or production of tears. Your tears are made up of three layers: the layer closest to your eye is the mucin layer, which helps the outer layers stick to your eye; the middle layer is a watery layer which provides moisture and washes any debris away that gets is your eye; the outer layer is an oily layer which prevents the tears from evaporation. Dry eye can also be caused by blepharitis.

You may notice your vision is blurred and your eyes feel uncomfortable, itchy, watery and appear red. Contact lens wearers may find their lenses become uncomfortable to wear.

Some drugs or health problems may affect your tear layer. There is no cure for dry eye but the symptoms can be managed, often by the use of drops, gels, warm compresses or a combination of both. Dry eye does not usually cause permanent damage to your sight, but in severe cases it can be very painful.