Our Lenses

Being independent allows us to provide high quality tailored lenses for all our patients. We are able to choose the best lenses to suit your requirements.

We are proud to dispense some of the best lenses in the world from Nikon amp; using the latest technologies of Lenswear-i. This enables us to personalise the lens creating a tailor made lens to suit your personal requirements.

  • Varifocals: offer a solution for distance, intermediate & reading. They are a convenient option for everyday wear.
  • Bifocals: offer a solution for near and distance only. The reading part is divided by a visible toward the bottom of the lens.
  • Occupational lenses: offer a solution for intermediate and near. Ideal for people working on computers, musicians or those that need good intermediate and close vision for prolonged periods. These lenses will be tailored to your personal needs.
  • Light-reactive: available in varifocals, bifocals and single vision. The benefits of light-reactive lenses are that they change quickly into dark lenses when going outside, protecting your eyes from harmful UV light and providing comfort from bright sunlight.

Other options on lenses include:

  • Hardcoat: helps prevent your lenses scratching from everyday use.
  • Anti-Reflection: allows virtually 100% of light to pass through the lens (while a conventional lens reflects 8% of the light). This improves contrast and definition to give you sharper, clearer vision. It also helps with the clarity of vision at night when driving by reducing the reflections of headlights. It can also help reduce eye fatigue whilst using computers and can incorporate a UV filter to protect the health of your eyes.
  • Tints: Range of colours including the standard Grey, Brown and Green.
  • Polarising lenses: Polarising lenses are one of the best options for reducing glare whether it is from road surfaces when driving into the sun or from the sun being reflected off of the sea. They allow you to see into water when only surface glare would otherwise be seen.